Woods Restaurant

The Problem

“We have our basic stationary setup, but we need some new creative for our upcoming items.” Woods had a good foundation setup for their brand, but felt they needed someone new talent to create their material going forward.

The Solution

We used the existing Woods logo and stationary as our strategy direction to develop all future designs. We updated and created new business cards, thank you cards, magazine ads, and custom made stamps.

We are developing new point of sale items and marketing products on an ongoing such as takeout bags.

Services Provided

  • Branding
  • Consulting
  • Printing
  • Product Photography
  • Graphic Design

Print Work

Client History


Woods is Canadian through and through. Focusing on using local, seasonal and sustainable ingredients, they create a completely authentic, unique Canadian experience.

They seed and grow their own lettuce and sprouts right in the restaurant. In the main dining room, to be exact. They are the only restaurant in Canada to do this. They source from local providers – sockeye salmon from British Columbia, bison from Alberta, lobster from Nova Scotia and dairy products from around Ontario – and serve only Ocean Wise certified seafood.

Their wine list features primarily VQA wines – including selections from B.C. – and use Canadian rye in many of our cocktails.

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